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San Diego CA Lawn Care

The dry San Diego climate makes lawn care a challenge. What’s the right time to water? How long should the grass grow? What are the best types of grass to use in my lawn? Should I use mulch?

The experts at Le Perv Landscape have the right answers, and we’ll take care of the maintenance so you don’t have to worry about getting the answers on your own.

Best of all, you have the peace of mind knowing your lawn care is being done right. Enjoy your yard and let Le Perv Landscape handle the hard work.

We’ve maintained lawns in San Diego County for more than three decades and have the right techniques to make sure your lawn remains green throughout the year. Whether it’s a hot, dry summer day or you are welcoming a new Spring, we have the knowledge to make the best choices for your San Diego lawn.

The Le Perv Landscape team is more than just handy with a lawn mower. We are scientists. Our deep understanding of the area includes an in-depth knowledge pest control. We know the right types of grass will work best, whether your yard has a lot shade or a lot sun. And, we know how to work with the dry weather to get the most of your lawn

Interested in a rebate from the city? We know how to upgrade your lawn so that you can take advantage of the handful of rebates available from the city for reducing water usage. This includes installing smart controller technology on watering systems and converting to micro-irrigation systems.

The city also offers a turf replacement rebate for planting drought-resistant plants instead of grass. This is where Le Perv shines. We are experts in landscape design and can assist you in making the right choices when it comes to the perfect plants for your landscape.

And we also know a thing or two about designing and installing alternatives to lawns. For instance, our experts also create amazing hardscapes such as walkways or walls to help reduce the watering needed for your yard while maintaining its beauty.

Call Le Perv today for a free estimate on your lawn care needs. We are affordable, dependable, and extremely easy to work with. We won’t be happy until you are happy. In fact, it’s our goal to make sure you are so happy that you will recommend us to friends and family.

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