Residential Hardscape

We do ornamental walls, fire pits, fountains, gazebos, and much moreResidential Hardscape Services In San Diego, California

Nothing brings out the delicate beauty of a well-manicured lawn and lush flowerbeds more than the striking rigid forms of hardscape elements such as stone walls, brick patios, and walkways.

Hardscape is defined as “the manmade part of the grounds surrounding a building, as paved areas or statues.” It’s anything in your yard that isn’t a plant. Le Perv is equipped to handle any hardscaping project, including:


In addition to making your yard more visually interesting, most hardscaping projects also serve a more utilitarian purpose. Walkways, for instance, allow you to get from Point A to Point B without trampling any grass or other flora. For your walkways, we can install anything from simple concrete to patterned brick to even more exotic materials and designs.


Your driveway doesn’t have to be some boring gray slab of concrete. An experienced landscaping team like Le Perv can provide something more aesthetically pleasing. With interlocking pavers, the possible combinations of different driveway styles and colors are limitless.


There are many different materials you could use for your patio. Pavers, concrete, flagstone, crushed rock –  we’ve done it all. Regardless of the material you use, the addition of a patio gives your home an excellent communal space for throwing parties or just hanging out with the family.

… And Much More

Walkways, driveways, and patios are fairly common hardscaping projects. We can certainly handle those projects for you, and our team also has the experience and the skill set to take on less common hardscaping projects like ornamental walls, fire pits, fountains, gazebos, and much more. If you want it, we can build it.

If you have any questions about hardscape or anything else landscape-related, feel free to contact us.