Drought Landscaping

san diego ca water efficient landscapingSan Diego is no stranger to drought.

The City of San Diego is often forced to impose mandatory use requirements on its residents, sometimes limiting water use to mere minutes per week.

There’s an important exemption you should be aware of, though, an exemption that will let you actually give your yard and other plants the water they need to survive.

That exemption: If you use proven water-efficient technologies and techniques, such as micro-irrigation systems, stream rotor sprinklers, and hand watering, you can water for hours instead of just minutes on any given drought week.

The problem is that installing these water-efficient devices isn’t always that easy. Especially if your yard contains any slopes, strips, scoops, or odd corners. And different plants have different watering needs – that’s yet another thing to consider. Also, what about shade?

That’s where we come in. As skilled drought landscapers, we know how to account for all of these variables and more and install your systems efficiently and effectively.

We have the expertise to know all the little tricks that can be used here and there to make better use of your water. For example, we’ll set our mowers to cut a little higher than average. This will greatly reduce the growth rate of your lawn, so it won’t need near as much water.

We’ll program your sprinkler system as well, capitalizing on the mornings and early evenings to eliminate (as much as possible) the evaporation factor, and we can program the system to stop operating when it’s already raining to further reduce waste.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our drought landscaping or other landscaping services.