Commercial Pools and Fountains Construction San Diego

Commercial Pools and Fountains Construction Services in San Diego, CAIt can get hot in the San Diego area, especially come summertime.

Maybe you, like a lot of people in Southern California, have a friend that you don’t actually like that much, but they’ve got a pool. Who cares how boring or offensive someone is when they’ve got a pool and it’s near a 100 degrees outside for a few days straight?

It’s time to drop that dud of a friend and get a pool of your own.

Le Perv can install that pool for you.

Oh, and Le Perv specializes in fountains, too.


There are a lot of DIY-types out there that would prefer to do every project themselves. The benefits are clear: for one, you can save a lot of money. But it’s important to remember that DIY is far from free, as buying your own materials and tools requires a significant upfront investment.

Then there’s the pride factor to consider: if you’re able to do something yourself that others had to hire someone else to do for them, it’ll give you some good material to brag about and help you establish a reputation for being handy, intelligent, and strong in the traditional sense (self-sustaining is perhaps the word we’re looking for here).

Installing an in-ground pool isn’t something you without professional help, though. Unless you’ve got a few friends that are willing to help you out… for hours… for free. And if you or any of your friends make a mistake, it could ruin everything and waste the countless hours (and considerable cash) you’ve already invested in the project.

Also, if you mess everything up, there goes any pride you hoped to gain. It’s embarrassing, downright foolish even, to waste your money on a project that you had no business thinking you could do yourself in the first place.

You’ll be better off avoiding that headache and just hiring an expert.


Pools are fun, but residential water features aren’t all about fun and games.

If you’re looking to class your yard up a bit, a fountain is a good option. Like pools, this isn’t a project that you have time or skill set to complete yourself. Let us do it for you.

We’re not just installers: we’re also prepared to come in and perform all the necessary maintenance that’s required to keep your fountain running smoothly.

Interested in our installation and maintenance services for pools and fountains? Give us a call at (858) 405-4945 for more information.