Commercial Lawn Service

Lawn-Service-San-Diego-CAEverything about your business’s look has been thought out.

The halls have an artistic touch, inviting visitors to look around and take in your style.

Classy dark hardwood furniture adorn the entranceway aiming to impress all who enter.

But, if that visitor is turned off by the landscaping that greets them than those interior design efforts may be for naught.

Make sure the outside looks as a fantastic as the inside.

Let visitors see emphasis you put on your landscaping with a lush, green lawn.

San Diego’s Leading Lawn Servicer

Le Perv Landscape Inc. of San Diego has installed lawns at commercial location for more than 30 years. Our experts have the knowledge and experience to make sure the grounds of your San Diego business have healthy, long-lasting turf.

We know the qualities of the soil throughout San Diego County, whether your commercial enterprise resides by the sea or on the hills. We know the types of grasses that work best no matter the location.

For instance, inland businesses need a grass species that can tolerate the hot and dry weather. For these locations Bermuda grass is the best choice. Businesses by the sea will likely do better with a grass like Seashore Paspalum. This species is more tolerant to salt as well as drought.

There are other options on the market as well. Contact us and let us help you choose the right grass species for your commercial property.

Installing the Right Lawn for Your San Diego Business

Choosing the right type of grass is not enough. Getting it to grow and thrive requires a good bit of know-how.

With more than three decades of landscaping experience, the crews at Le Perv Landscape Inc. are well versed at preparing and installing a lawn that will last for years. The key is making sure the land is prepared in advance.

This means tearing up the old lawn and making sure weeds and roots are cleared to make way for the new grass. This is an involved process that requires specialized equipment, of which we have the best in the business.

This process also includes the safest and best in weed killers. We have that too.

Dedicated Lawn Services for San Diego Businesses

The reason Le Perv Landscape Inc. has been in business for so long is because we know what it takes to offer superior service.

Our crews are experts at customer service as well as handling lawns. We are available to clients throughout the entire process, from the planning stage to implementation of the perfect lawn.

If you have a question at any time, we’ll be there with an answer. Our aim is to make you feel as comfortable with process as possible so you can focus on your business.

We can even be there for you after your San Diego business’s lawn is put in place.

Le Perv Landscape Inc. offers impeccable lawn maintenance for commercial businesses as well as a host of other services to help you make your grounds look as impressive as your balance sheet.

Contact Le Perv Landscape Inc. and let our knowledge of lawns help you create the grounds your business deserves.