Make your Business Stand Out With Stunning Flower Beds

Flowerbeds San Diego CAOur flowerbeds started out as a service directed mainly to our residential clients, but we’ve seen more and more commercial enterprises contract us for flowerbed work because they’ve seen how it’s benefited other businesses in the San Diego area.

Just about any business, regardless of the industry or vertical they belong to, has a few local, similar businesses they’re competing with. Offering a higher quality of service or going for the lower price (ideally you can somehow manage to have both of these traits over the competition) certainly helps your chances of winning over new customers.

But sometimes the best combo of quality and price still isn’t enough. Often it’s the business that knows how to appeal to customers and establish their brand most effectively that succeeds, not necessarily the business that truly offers the most value to the customer.

You need to establish a reputation for being professional and a tad (if not more) nicer in just about every way from industry rivals.

Flowerbeds are one of the many indirect methods you can use to set yourself apart from the competition and increase your general appeal.

Don’t count out the role of the subconscious in marketing

“The conscious mind may be compared to a fountain playing in the sun and falling back into the great subterranean pool of subconscious from which it rises.”

  • Sigmund Freud

Alright, Freud said a lot of weird things back when he was around, but he’s right about the importance of the subconscious (and if Freud’s metaphor got you hankering for a fountain, we do that too).

No one (expect maybe the most extreme flower enthusiasts) is going to think “That place has nice flowers. I’m going to patronize this business because I like the nice flowers out front.” Of course no one is going to logically think out that process step by step.

But logic isn’t everything… any time a person walks into your store, the very first thing they’re going to see is the area around your entrance. Whether they choose to process that information at the moment or not, the information taken in as what they see walking from the parking lot to your entrance is sent up the optic nerve right to the brain, and what they see will be stored somewhere. This information will influence what emotions they feel when they think about your business later.

In other words, having a pretty entrance will have a positive influence on your customers’ emotions when they’re thinking about which business they should go to or which business they should recommend to a friend.

Flowerbeds are great for social engineering purposes to drive more customers in the door, and also just for simple the aesthetic appeal of having an entrance that’s easy on the eyes.

After all, who’s going to walk through that entrance more than you, the owner? Might as well make it a pleasant experience for yourself.

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