30 distinguished years of signature service

LePerv Landscape Inc. is a veteran of the Lawn Maintenance business. In fact, LePerv has enlivened the landscapes of homes and businesses in San Diego for decades. Today, our design features and sweeping softscapes continue to enrich and beautify San Diego County.

Homeowners today demand sophistication and style when hiring a Lawn Maintenance professional. Gone are the days of fertilized grass, loosely implanted sidewalk stones and run of the mill greenery. LePerv offers a landscape that completes the lawn with water features, fountains and more. If you are one of the many clients who desire deck & patio installations or upgrades, LePerv can do that, too.

Moving beyond the beautiful deck & patio options, LePerv has perfected paver design and incorporated the system into its portfolio of offerings. Clients demand full design and articulate lines and spacing; nothing else will do. LePerv can confidently suggest that best lawns in San Diego display their signature softscapes and horticultural designs.

Choosing a Lawn Maintenance service, when done with care, requires the matching of services to the qualities and offerings that only a veteran company can provide. Consider the discerning client of San Diego County. What would such a customer expect? LePerv meets the demands of discerning clients repeatedly, by providing friendly, professional and expert service that can only come by way of decades of experience.

  • Lawn Maintenance

    – it is easy to under stress this basic tenet of landscaping, and insisting on the best can guard a client from an unfortunate outcome. LePerv has been maintaining residential and business landscapes for thirty years.

  • Residential Landscape Maintenance

  • Commercial Landscape Maintenance

  • Landscape Construction

    – changing topography to blend beauty with versatility.

  • Outdoor kitchens and living spaces

    – take the party outside with expertly crafted living spaces.

  • Concrete and masonry work

    – from repointing to grill surrounds to floor stones, LePerv provides only the best.

  • Irrigation systems

    – if landscaping is undergoing an overhaul, consider installing irrigation systems for your lawn, coy pond or other water features.

  • Pavers

    – if you are ready to put away that tired walk or patio, LePerv will provide pavers in beautiful designs and styles.

  • Landscape lighting

    – serves the purpose of taking the elegance of the landscape from day to night, while providing visibility for safety.

  • Fountains and Ponds

    – beautiful fountains, from wall-top units to full size pieces of fine art, LePerv is your go to team. As for ponds, no one does them better.

  • Planting and mulch

    – LePerv is a leader in “all things landscaping”, but still enjoys the simplicity and purity of mulching and planting, the final steps to a beautiful landscape.

  • Grass, greenery, foliage

    – sketch out some basic ideas

  • Deck & Patio

    – install, upgrade or renew

  • Hardscape

    – water features, fountains, pavers

LePerv is at your service, where and when you want us

LePerv is your landscape maintenance service from the first paver stone to the last drop of sprinkler water on the hearty grass. Cutting, trimming, maintaining and upgrading are hallmarks of the LePerv offers its service portfolio to every customer, every time.

Now that LePerv is your lawn maintenance company, consider your plans and free your wishes. Knowing the basics of what you want is all you need. LePerv will do the rest. Get started with just a few ideas.

Give LePerv a call and we will schedule an appointment that works into your timeframe. Once the plans are in place, LePerv Landscaping, Inc. will come to your home or business and transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Beautiful Landscaping Creations by a Leading San Diego, CA Landscape Company

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