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Tessa Melendez

Great experience and outcome with removing an failing retaining wall and a ton of foliage and replacing the wall. Clarke was very quick to respond to our initial inquiry and kept us informed throughout the process. His estimate was fair, …

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Thomas Geantil

Le Perv Landscape has provided consultation,

landscape maintenance and landscape remodel construction for many years at my properties. All work is accomplished at a most professional level of care. I highly recommend Le Perv Landscape.

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We are return customers with Le Perv and have had them build retaining walls for us. The work quality is great and the interaction with Clarke, the boss, and the workers is very smooth. They are very capable and, of course, experienced. But if problems or questions arise, they are also good to work with. Communications about start dates etc was simple and they were really good with the schedule. Happy customers.

Mama Goble

This company cares!! I have had a lot of trouble finding responsible landscapers. Le Perv has crews who care, and my yard looks the best it has ever looked! They actually inspect the work to make sure it meets the owner's expectations. I'm …

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Freda Winkler Rothermel

We switched our landscape maintenance of our condo to Le Perv last year. Before our lawn was brown and patching, since Le Perv our grass has come back and the lawn looks great. I recently hired Le Perv to replace my wood deck with pavers. …

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This company did landscaping for our neighbors so we were already impressed with the quality of work. We called for a quote which came in a timely manner. The quote was reasonable so we proceeded. The landscapers were right on time, explaining what they were going to do to achieve the outcome we wanted. Not only were they courteous and helpful, but very professional. They did a fantastic job and cleaned up all debris from the site. I would highly recommend this company!


Great People, great service and timely response!

John Dickson

Outstanding service

Yard was cleaned and all waste removed.

This was done very quick and professionally.

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Tammy Moch

My weekly maintenance is thoroughly done each week and each year I bring in La Perv to do some updating of plant material which is always a great way to keep things fresh. I would highly recommend them

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Robin Prior

Clarke and his guys were brilliant. Great guys, and great work. Thanks a million.

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Work done as promised, on time, at a fair price.

Paul Spears

Great Marathon III Lite installation.

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I had my worn out backyard with almost non-existent sod revitalized by Le Perv. I couldn't be happier with the results. Clarke is easy to work with, has an eye for design and knows his plants, and his crew really knows what they are doing. I highly recommend them.

Tyson Downs

I've known Clarke for several years now. One thing I can say without hesitation is that he has a dedication for his craft, and a desire to get the best out of himself and his crew.

You won't find a landscaper in San Diego that is more …

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Linda DaPra

My husband and I are quite pleased with the work done so far and we'll be having them do more this spring. Clarke goes out of his way to communicate and is extremely helpful.

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Rebecca Colby

Le Perv has been a wonderful company. They take care of the landscaping for our apartment complex and provide great service.

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