Save Water and Get Paid

City Shelling Out Cash for Limiting Your Water Usage

It’s pretty obvious.

San Diego is dry.

Save-Water-and-Get-PaidFor those keeping track, the state has been a bit arid for three years and conditions led Gov. Jerry Brown to officially declare a statewide drought in January.

Such action has led to water conservation measures throughout California, including the City of San Diego. Officials have come up with a series of rebates and incentives to get residents to cut their use of water, mainly targeting those with lush landscapes.

This blog will go over a few of these measures. And keep in mind, Le Perv Landscape can make any of these measures a reality in your yard.

  • Except this one… SoCal Water$mart is offering a $100 rebate for high-efficiency toilets that release 1.28 gallons per flush. There’s not much we can do to help unless you have an outdoor toilet. In addition to toilets, Water$mart also offers an array of incentives for replacing other gadgets in your home that use water, such as faucets, shower heads, and other items.
  • The City of San Diego Outdoor Rebate Program pays residents $1.25 pre square foot for removing turf from their landscaping. The maximum amount that can be earned is $3,000 for residents. Commercial businesses and multi-family units are paid $1.50 per square foot of turf removal with a maximum of $9,000 in incentives.
  • Residents can earn .20 per square foot for replacing overhead spray sprinkler system with a micro-spray, drip, or other low-application rate irrigation system. There is a 6,000 square foot maximum for businesses and multifamily units. Single-family units can replace up to 2,400 square feet. Also, residents and businesses can earn $1 for every gallon of rainwater storage capacity established on their landscaping. There is a 50 gallon minimum.
  • Residents can receive two cubic yards of mulch and compost free from the Miramar Greenery. That’s about 32 gallons of material and all one has to do is carry it away. Wood chips may be purchased at the Miramar Landfill entrance.  Call ahead of time for availability.
  • The city will also run a water conservation audit of your landscaping free of charge for both residents and businesses. An official will offer a water conservation plan that includes an audit of the irrigation system, water-saving recommendations, and a water-use budget.

The city has an application for residents to fill out to receive rebates and incentives. And should you need assistance to help make your landscaping as water-friendly as possible, see the many services offered to residents and businesses by Le Perv Landscape.

We can make your landscape look great while meeting the water conservation goals established by the city.

Clarke Ramsey
Landscape Artist. I help landscaping dreams come to live. I create raving fans and give my customers the highest quality product available.
Clarke Ramsey
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