Lawn Maintenance or Do it Yourself?

Taking care of your lawn can be a difficult, time consuming but also a very rewarding task. Your lawn is what greets all your visitors before they reach your house – naturally you want it to impress and please the eye.

If you’re making the decision between hiring a lawn maintenance company and doing it yourself, congratulations. That means you care about how your lawn looks and you know how a luscious lawn can increase the value of your home. The choice is between more than just convenience and price. You will need to consider other factors such as consistency, quality, and choice of products.

Here are some advantages of hiring a professional San Diego lawn maintenance service:

  • A Consistent Lawn Care Schedule – A lawn looks much more attractive when it is cut at regular intervals and when it is taken care of weekly or bi-weekly. A consistent schedule is easy to maintain with a professional service.
  • Tools and Equipment –  You will not have to go through the hassle of buying expensive and bulky equipment. A professional knows which tools are best to use and have all those tools at their disposal.
  • Fertilizers – It can be difficult and time consuming to know which fertilizers are best. The wrong fertilizer can pollute the environment and ruin a lawn. Commercial lawn care companies specialize in fertilization. They use safe and organic pesticides to treat the soil and improve its quality.

If you are interested in doing it yourself, it’s important to learn some tricks of the trade. With the right tools and knowledge you can achieve great results. Let us share a few professional tips:

  • Mow your grass – but not too frequently: this stresses out the grass. Taller grass also promotes better root development.
  • It is enough to water only once a week – but water deep as this helps roots extend deeper into the soil
  • Fertilize twice a year, during Spring and Fall

If lawn maintenance requires too much of your time or if you would simply like to provide and extra care for your lawn, do not hesitate to contact one of the best San Diego lawn maintenance companies – San Diego’s very own Le Perv. Our number is (858) 405-4945. We are looking forward to your call!

Clarke Ramsey
Landscape Artist. I help landscaping dreams come to live. I create raving fans and give my customers the highest quality product available.
Clarke Ramsey
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