Desert Landscaping or Grass in San Diego

Desert landscaping is one of the more popular types of landscape design in this area of the nation. As its name suggests, it is reminiscent of a desert environment. While most of the time people choose it out of necessity -for example people who live in a climate that is not appropriate for other landscape designs – it is also a popular option for its distinctive look.

Desert landscaping in San Diego, California

An example of desert landscaping in San Diego – by our very own landscaping company

There is a few key things to consider with desert landscape design:

  • Start off with one large year-round plant as a focal point (for example a big cactus plant) or a few seasonal plants that flower at different times of the year
  • To get the most natural look, group the same species and boulders together in uneven numbers (3, 5, 7, etc) and space them irregularly
  • Consult the choice of plants with a professional landscaper: some plants, for example, do not tolerate grass around them, while other can easily share the nutrients in the soil

Desert landscaping compares starkly with landscape designs that incorporate grass. As it was mentioned in the beginning, the main reason for turning to desert landscaping over using grass is out of necessity, as some climates do not provide enough nutrients. It is nevertheless possible to use some grass within a desert look, depending on the type of grass and plants that are used.

If you need help choosing between desert landscaping or growing grass, call Le Perv at (858) 405-4945. We are a premier San Diego landscaping company with decades of experience and many satisfied customers throughout the San Diego County. Contact us now for a free consultation to ensure your next landscaping project is a success.

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