Creative Paver Designs Ideas

Paver Ideas for Your Landscaping

From the innovative to the average, there are thousands of options when it comes to pavers.

Creative-Paver-IdeasYou can make them all uniform, create a diverse hardscapes display with numerous type of stones. You can have a circular design, a square design, a rectangular design. It could have space between the pavers for grass to grown or they could be tightly packed.

The ideas are endless.

But before overwhelming yourself with the options, consider a couple of general guidelines to help your choice at least a little easier.

Paver Basics

Get a good handle on how big of a space you’ve identified for the pavers. For instance, a small space necessitates smaller pavers. So if you designated a 10-foot by 10-foot space for pavers, you will likely want a stone that is six inches by six inches as opposed to one that’s two feet by two feet.

And, you will want to get an idea of the style you have in mind. A more random design may require maybe up to five or six types of pavers. A design that calls for more uniformity may require fewer types of pavers. Thus, your imagination may be limited by your budget.

Paver Innovations

Pavers made of permeable materials are one innovation that’s a good idea in our arid climate. These pavers allow water to flow directly to the ground as opposed to having the water collect and drain in one spot. It is also considered one of the greener methods laying down pavers for two reasons. First, this helps the groundwater to recharge more efficiently. Also, porous materials filtrate pollutants and solids before it percolates in to the soil. These pavers can be used for anything from a uniform driveway to a patio area made with broken stones with exposed spots of grass.

Concrete Pavers and More

Pavers made of concrete are still the most popular products on the market. They come in a variety of colors, shapes, textures and sizes. This allows homeowners to choose from a huge variety of designs from a cobblestone look to a more natural ensemble of stone to walls made up of concrete blocks. But concrete is not the only paver material on the market.

Pavers also come in stone, clay, or composite. This last option is pavers made from recycled materials. They are different from the average paver because they are lighter, about 9 pounds per square foot, making them a good choice for green roofs or for resurfacing a wood deck. They are also set up differently. Plastic grids are used as the base of a design.

Pavers can also serve as landscape lights. These inexpensive LED lights can run on batteries of solar power and can be worked into several different type of designs. However, they are rectangular and may look odd in a design with irregular shapes.

Picture This

When it comes to pavers, the best idea is to take a look at photos of designs. The web sites of paver manufacturers like Nicoblock, Techo-Block or composite paver maker Azek are the place to go. They want to show off their products in the best light possible and will thus put their best foot forward when it comes to design. You can also see the great work we’ve done for our San Diego clients.

Give Le Perv Landscape a call when you want to take beautification of your landscape to the next level.

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