Tree Root Rot Symptoms and Remedies

giant old tree in back yardYour children climb their limbs, or the treehouse you built them is nestled in between that V in the knarled tree’s trunk. Their favorite swing is attached to the biggest limb on that giant old tree in your back yard.

The trees on your property provide shade, comfort, and fun. They are full of memories, or if you just moved into your house, are ready to make loads of wonderful new memories.

You want those trees around your home to stay strong and healthy to provide all these things for your family and friends. Knowing what tree root rot symptoms are and the remedies available can help you to keep the trees on your property beautiful, healthy, and safe.

Base of the Tree

The roots of a tree are an important part of the whole tree. According to the National Arbor Day Foundation, “A tree’s root system works to absorb water and minerals from the soil, anchor the tree to the ground, and store food preserves for the winter.”

Keeping the roots healthy will help to ensure the tree has an adequate base to grow strong and tall.


Although different varieties of trees can have varying problems, there are some common symptoms of root rot that can be found from the top of the tree to the base:

1. Leaves and Branches-
Take a look at the top of your trees. During the growing season, the leaves should be full, and the color that is normal for a specific tree should be bright.

Leaves that have dull colors, have turned brown or yellow, or are wilted, can be a sign of health issues in the roots of the tree. Other signs of problems can be slow or stunted growth in branches or dead and dying limbs.

2. Fruit-
In general, fruit trees should grow plenty of healthy-looking fruit on all the branches of your trees. In a fruit tree with root rot, there may be a decent amount of fruit in the upper part of the tree, and less fruit growing on the lower branches.

Although, beware – this may also be caused by hungry animals taking fruit off the lower branches. The tell-tale signs of health issues in the tree and not fruit pickers is that your tree has other visible symptoms of disease such as problems with the leaves and branches as stated above.

3. Fungal Growth-
Another possible symptom of tree root rot is a type of fungus that resembles mushrooms growing on the base of the tree. Also, corks – known as fruiting bodies or shelf fungi – on the trunk or branches of the tree can be signs of disease.


The best remedy you have for tree root rot is working to prevent it before it starts. Growing healthy trees in your yard takes the same kind of maintenance your lawn does.

The first step is to know the types of trees you have and their specific needs.

1. Watering-
In general, trees, just like your grass, flowers, and shrubs, need watering. Commonly, trees need to be watered weekly. This can change depending on the area you live in, the weather, and the trees you have.

2. Pruning-
Pruning your trees is also an important step. Cut off any dead branches you can see, and cut back unhealthy ones. Make sure you dispose of the branches and clippings properly.

3. Fertilizer-
Like your lawn and flowers, trees need fertilizer. It’s generally best to fertilize trees in the late fall or early spring. Again it’s important to know what type of trees you have to be able to know what type of fertilizer to use.

4. hemicals-
There are chemicals such as fungicides that can prevent tree root rot. To ensure they are handled and applied safely and properly, it’s best a professional landscaper applies the treatments.

Professional landscapers

Although you see your trees every day, you may not see the subtle signs of distress before they become a problem.

A trained professional landscaper, such as Le Perv Landscape in San Diego, California, can spot trouble signs in the early stages before major damage is caused.

They can diagnose, treat, and maintain your trees to ensure their continued good health. Professional landscapers know the proper remedies for diseases such as tree root rot and can apply any fungicides or other chemicals safely and correctly for both your health and the health of your trees.

Hiring a professional landscape company can help you maintain not only your trees but also the rest of your property. Your lawn, shrubs, flowers, and trees can be strong, healthy, and beautiful. Trained landscapers can take the work off your shoulders and save you money by giving your trees and lawn the care they need before problems arise.

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