6 Landscape Maintenance Tips for a Yard that Wows

Gray Concrete Pathway Besides Pink Flower during DayYour dream yard might include flowers with colors as bright as a rainbow, lush grass, and hardscape elements that could be a picture in a magazine.

This type of landscape takes time and determination. You are more than willing to put in the effort for the reward. Once you get your grass, trees, flowers, and fixtures to the utmost lavish, how do you keep them that way?

Here are 6 landscape maintenance tips for a yard that wows.

Lawn Care

The largest part of your landscape is your grass. Once grown, this is the easiest feature to maintain. Spring is the optimum time to do seasonal upkeep.

This is the best time for dethatching and aerating. Some thatch is good for your lawn. Too much can suffocate growing roots and grass blades. Raking is the best way to remove thatch.

After your lawn is raked, you can then remove weeds and add any fertilizer or other chemicals as needed. Testing your soil PH can help you determine if you need to add any chemicals. The best PH for your lawn is between 5 and 7. If the soil PH is too high, or alkaline, you should add Sulfate. If the PH is too low, or acidic, you should add Lime.

Once your seasonal maintenance is taken care of, then all your lawn should need is basic upkeep. Mow and water your grass as necessary. This will depend on your climate and the type of grass you have. Mowing your lawn in different directions will keep your yard from getting ruts.

Healthy lawns can resist bugs and disease. Your lawn will grow to be green, lush, and the envy of your neighborhood.

Plants and Flowers

Flowers add color and character to your landscape. Trees and shrubs add texture and shade. To make maintenance easier, choose one design style for your landscape.

For example, use plants and flowers that require the same type of care and have a common theme. This will give your landscape continuity. Adding accent plants and flowers, especially seasonal ones, offsets the others and creates drama and flair for your yard.

When designing your landscape, take into consideration where there is shade and sun at various times of the day. Your flowers and plants need to be in the correct lighting to grow to their fullest and most beautiful. This will also make caring for them easier.


Hardscape is just as important to maintain in your landscaping as your softscape is. The hardscape in your yard can include items such as your patio, deck, fencing, retaining walls, walkway, fireplace, arbor, and water features.

Many hardscape features are made of stone, concrete or wood. Stone, concrete and other hard types of materials are generally used for pools, fountains, birdbaths, walkways, fireplaces, and patios.

These should be inspected for breaks, chips, cracks, hairline fractures, or lifted areas. Problems like these could weaken the structural integrity or cause someone injury. Wooden structures should be checked for warping or rotting.

For water features, the best time to check for damage is when the water is drained for cleaning. Repairs can easily be made before the water is added back in.

Maintaining wooden structures with a good wood sealant will help keep them free from water damage and protect the material from daily wear and tear.

Front Yard

Your front yard gives the first impression of your house. You want the curb appeal to be eye-catching and functional. A neat, clean, simple design to your front yard will make maintenance easier and will be more appealing to visitors.

Small shrubs or ground cover plants are great for low windows and porch areas. Larger shrubs and trees can add softness to the corners of your house. A flowerbed can add charm.

Keep the design style the same as the backyard and plant flowers that require the same type of sun, shade, and maintenance for a cohesive look.


Carrying the same design style from the front yard to the backyard creates a stunning flow. Bring the same flowers and plants and add them to the backyard in an area that mirrors the front yard.

Using the same materials in retaining walls, walkways and porches extends the continuity. Bringing the front yard design into the backyard also makes your landscape maintenance easier.

Personal Touches

Finishing off landscaping with such design elements as hanging planters, baskets, garden art, statues or other items adds a personal touch. Using the same types of flowers and design style in planters and basket that you’ve used in the front yard and the backyard keeps the overall beauty and design of your landscape consistent from one area to the next.

Professional Care

Having a yard that you’re proud of takes time and energy. A professional landscape company, such as Le Perv Landscape of San Diego, can take that burden off of your shoulders. We can help you create the landscape design of your dreams and do the maintenance to ensure its got eye-catching appeal.

If you’re in the San Diego area contact Le Perv Landscape and let us help you with your beautiful oasis. We can create and maintain a landscape for your yard that wows.

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