5 Tips for Trimming Trees

5-tips-for-trimming-treesDo you know the secret to keeping your trees in perfect health and appearance? Does “pruning” ring a bell?

Pruning is what keeps your trees healthy and lively. Pruning your trees also prevents dangerous branches from harming the tree’s health and allows them to get properly nourished resulting in a beautiful and lively tree.

Although it is suggested that you have a professional do the job, you can also give it a try and turn it into a DIY project if you’re good with tools and the tree is not very intimidating.

Just follow these 5 tips for trimming trees so you can keep them healthy without acquiring the help of a professional.

1. Inspect the Tree Before Pruning

It’s important to inspect the tree properly before you begin the task so that you do not cause any unintended harm to it. See exactly what needs to be cut so that you can plan accordingly. Weak and infected branches are to be cut off first. Branches can also grow very close to utility lines; pruning them is the perfect way to avoid any kind of unfortunate incidents.

Dead and broken branches as well as limbs can fall off anytime. It can obstruct your path, vision or even fall on your head unexpectedly – resulting in serious injury. Branches can also grow very close to utility lines; pruning them is the perfect way to avoid any kind of unfortunate incidents.

2. Do the Trimming in the Dormant Season

To ensure that pruning doesn’t negatively affect the tree’s health, it is highly recommended to trim the trees during their dormant season, so that they thrive and grow properly.

3. Be Conscientious about the Size of Branches

You shouldn’t remove a branch from its tree if it’s more than 10 centimeters in diameter, unless it’s been infected or broken. It’s recommend that you remove branches that are less than 5 centimeters in diameter. In order to keep your trees healthy, don’t trim branches that have rigid, U-shaped angles. You should only prune branches that are V-shaped, weak and have narrow angles.

4. Keep an Eye out for Living Crown Ratio

During the pruning process, ensure that the living crown amounts to only two-thirds of the tree’s height. Keeping this ratio in mind will result in a beautiful prune. It also helps in maintaining the natural and breathtaking look of a lush, growing tree, which can add value to your house.

5. Try to Prune Away Young Branches

Avoid trimming old branches as they tend to leave a nasty scar on the tree that doesn’t look very appealing. Try to prune away branches when they are young to avoid scars. Maintaining young branches is also much easier than maintaining the older ones.

Removing branches that are overrun by others and keeping lateral branches as evenly as possible is the perfect way to keep your trees healthy and visually appealing.

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