How To Landscape For Privacy

in the city of San Diego apermit is needed if you want a fence that’s higher than 6 feet tallOne of the best things about living in a home rather than an apartment or a condo is that you can have much more privacy.

Of course, you only have privacy if you make it. There’s no privacy to an empty lot. Here’s how you can landscape to make your yard more private:

A Privacy Fence

A fence might not be quite as attractive as foliage, but it’ll keep your yard more private than any other solution. For maximum privacy, you should install a solid stockade fence rather than a simple board fence.

High Hedges

The key advantage that hedges hold over fences regarding privacy is that the height of fences is often limited by city ordinances or HOA rules (for example, here in the city of San Diego a permit is needed if you want a fence that’s higher than 6 feet tall). These rules usually do not apply to plants – your hedges can be as high as you want them to be.

Griselinia littoralis is a particularly good hedge for privacy screen if you live near the beach, as it’s very tolerant to salt. It’s also visually striking, with bright Granny Smith apple-green leaves. If you’d prefer a more yellow than green hue, try Leylandii Castlewellan Gold or Leylandii Excalibur Gold.


In addition to those hedges, you could use just about any other evergreen to keep people from being able to look into your yard.

Bamboo is perhaps the best alternative to hedges for natural privacy screening, as they grow in dense clumps and are easy to maintain. Just make sure to get the right kind. There are thousands of species of bamboo, and many of them only grow waist-high. Silver Stripe and Alphonse Karrare are two varieties of bamboo that do well in the San Diego climate, and they grow to be 20+ feet tall.

Trellises And Vines

If you’re stuck deciding between fencing and hedges, you should consider adding climbing plants and trellises to support them to your yard as a compromise. This option will give you the best of both worlds: the dependable structure of a wooden frame that you’d get with a fence along with the natural beauty of flora that you’d get with hedges or bamboo.

If you have any questions about landscaping for privacy or anything else related to privacy, feel free to contact us.

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