3 Bright Ideas for Landscape Lighting

Light your pathwaysHow much time have you spent over the years making your yard look as good as it does? How many Sunday afternoons have been dedicated to dragging a mower from one side of the yard to the other? How much money have you spent on your lawnmower, leaf blower, and other tools?

It’s not easy to tame an outdoor space that wants to grow wild and free, is it? You want a nice-looking yard, though, so you’re willing to put up with the hassle.

But if you don’t have good outdoor lighting, then all of the time and money you’ve invested in your yard don’t provide you anything half the time. At night, the dark can erase much of the work you’ve done.

Don’t let that happen. The following 3 landscape lighting ideas will allow you to show off what you’ve worked so hard for:

1. Light the Way for Guests

For safety reasons, you should make sure that all the pathways in your yard are sufficiently lit – you don’t want any guests to trip over themselves and twist an ankle.

You could use small lights that stick into the ground with stakes to outline your paths. That’s a visually striking option. Another option is to use floodlights to light up the path and everything beyond. This is a particularly great option if you have any well-manicured, rare, or otherwise interesting trees and bushes you want to showcase (and it’s easier to mow without any stakes in the way).

Entryways should also be lit up for your guests.

2. Tiki Torches are Fun and Functional

Here’s another idea: how about tiki torches?

Okay, if you’re going for a clean and modern look, then maybe tiki torches aren’t the way to go. That’s fine. But if you’ve cultivated more of a kitschy vibe or party-friendly atmosphere, then tiki torches are perfect.

Also, in addition to aesthetics, many tiki torch models are designed to ward off bugs, which will make evenings spent outdoors with friends and family even more pleasant.

Pool Lights

Maybe, like a lot of people in San Diego, you have a pool to help you stay cool in the hotter months.

After you install lights in your pool, you’ll have something to enjoy year-round, as the ghostly blue glow gives your yard an eerily beautiful, ethereal texture.

If you have any questions about landscape lighting or any other landscaping topic, feel free to contact us and ask.






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