4 Trendy Hardscape Materials to Spice Up Your Landscape

hardscape materialSpicing up your landscape with hardscape materials can make your outdoor area look more attractive and luxurious. You can choose from different materials to get the desired look. However, the durability and cost of these materials should also be considered before buying and installing them.

Normally, a home with a garden requires a hardscape pathway that is also decorated with hardscape materials. It is a type of investment that will not only enhance the look of your outdoor space but also increase your home’s value.

Here are four trendy hardscape materials to spice up your landscape:

1. Blend Two Materials Together

No landscape is complete without a patio. However, having a patio built purely on one material (concrete, wood or brick) is a mistake that is sadly committed quite often.

Why pick one material when you can choose two materials at once and build a patio that compliments your landscape and blends beautifully with the interior of your home.

You can mix and match two materials, such as bricks and concrete. Work with a designer to help you choose a final product that looks attractive and fits your unique personality.

2. Pair Up Stones with Pebbles and Cobbles

If your budget is an issue, then you can opt for stone materials to build your pathways, patio, and even fountains in your outdoor area. Stones are less expensive than other materials and also come in various designs, shapes, textures, and colors. You can choose whichever type of stone compliments your landscape.

To turn things around a bit and give your landscape a modern look, you can have shiny pebbles and cobbles carved or placed among stones. If you use varying light inside your home, these stones can give your home a unique look.

3. Fountain and Boulders

Your landscape might look incomplete without a fountain. If you have space or budget issues, you can opt for smaller fountains. A small fountain that produces water attracts birds and adds to the overall look of your garden. To make things look even better, you can also place a large boulder near the fountain or you can place smaller ones at the corners of the pathway to make it look more visible and beautiful.

4. Brick It Up

As a building material, brick is extremely durable and will last a long time. Brick is less expensive than most materials, and it comes in various designs and colors. You can have your patio decorated with bricks. You can also decorate the outside walls of your home with bricks. Since bricks are solid, they can also be used to create sitting space.

The Verdict

It’s not difficult to turn your old looking landscape into a brand new and modern one. All you need is a little creativity and the right hardscape materials to transform your old and scape into something you can be proud of.

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