Essential Tips for Caring for Fountains, Ponds, and Other Water Features

Grey Concrete FountainYour landscaping is the backdrop of your home and your oasis – a place for you, your family, and your friends for entertaining and relaxation.

Everything about your yard creates the right atmosphere including the grass, flowers, shrubs, and hardscape design. Your choice of those little extras, like your prized water fountain and pond, create a beautiful setting that makes your landscape unique from other ordinary yards.

Maintaining and caring for your landscaping, including your water features, is vital for your yard’s beauty, cleanliness, and safety. Here are a few essential tips for caring for your fountains, ponds and other water features.


Keeping your water features clean is not just important for their looks, but for your safety and that of your pets and other animals.

Outside water in ponds, fountains, and pools, especially water that is stagnant or slow moving, can harbor harmful organisms, chemicals, or bacteria. These can cause sickness not only in humans, but also in animals, including your pets. Even chlorine added to pools and ponds can be harmful if ingested by animals, including dogs, according to Vetinfo.

Changing the water often in features where the water is stagnant, such as bird feeders and ponds, can help control algae, bacteria, and other harmful substances. If there is a feature where the stagnant water can’t be cleaned often enough, then a chemical algae remover or inhibitor can be added to help prevent build-up.

To thoroughly clean a water feature, first the water should be completely drained. Then the pump and any fixtures, such as stones or rocks, should be removed. The entire structure and all the parts should be scrubbed with a mild detergent or fountain cleaner and a soft bristled brush. Rinse well with clean water so as not to leave any harmful residue behind.

If your water feature is a birdbath, extra cleaning is essential. If possible, the water in the reservoir should be drained and replaced every day, or at least every other day.


If you have fountains, man-made ponds, or other hardscape water fixtures, they are often made out of ceramic, concrete, or stone. They should be inspected occasionally to ensure there is no unseen physical damage.

Look for hairline cracks, or chips in the concrete, rocks or stones where water could leak in or out, or other damage that could otherwise jeopardize the structural integrity of the feature.

Make sure pumps are working correctly and that any electrical components are not frayed and are installed to code. The best time to inspect the structure for any damage is after you have removed the water for cleaning.

Although most water features are designed to be outside year round, severe weather can potentially cause them damage. Types of damaging severe weather include heavy rains, winds, hail, snow, and ice formation.

Even daily environmental issues such as the wind blowing leaves, sticks, and debris around can cause issues by getting into water reservoirs and clogging drains. Animals can also cause damage by chewing on wires or infecting the water supply with feces.


Maintaining your fountains, ponds and other water features will keep them in shape for your long-term enjoyment. Cleaning and maintenance should be done weekly and also seasonally. As the seasons change the needs of your water features change, especially if you are in a location where seasons have extreme weather variances.

Outdoor water features, especially fountains, should be protected from harsh weather conditions such as snow and ice by covering them with a tarp or storing them inside. As with your home, when there is imminent danger from strong storms such as hurricanes, tropical storms, or blizzards, you should have a plan in place with ways to protect any hardscape features in your yard.

Hiring Professionals

Caring for your yard, especially unique pieces such as fountains, ponds, pools, and birdbaths, can be time-consuming and labor intense. A professional landscape company, such as Le Perv Landscape of San Diego, can take care of the hard work so you can relax and enjoy the beauty of your yard.

If you choose to do the work yourself, we can guide you in the proper cleaning supplies to use, and what maintenance schedule would be best for your lawns unique needs. Professionally trained landscape employees can also help you with information on how to do any needed repairs.

Hiring a professional landscape company can save you time and money by doing the cleaning, maintenance, and any repair work for you. We understand the unique needs of landscaping in this area, and are trained to install and maintain any type of landscape from small to complex.

If you are in the San Diego area, contact Le Perv Landscape today for all your landscape needs. We can assist you with the essential tips to care for your fountains, ponds and other water features.

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