Tips to Save Money on Landscaping

Making your backyard shine on a budget

Tips to Save Money on Landscaping
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Buying a home in San Diego is expensive. When you consider the mortgage, the down payment and just the amount of money it takes to live, not much is left over for things like landscaping the backyard.

But you’ve invested a lot into your home and letting the backyard go is not an option. So, try adding a little frugality to your landscaping efforts.Let’s take a look at a few ways to reduce the amount of money you’ll spend on beautifying your backyard.

Watch the Water

San Diego is dry. According to the Weather Channel, between the months of May and September the city sees less than a half an inch of rain on average. The other six months do have more precipitation, upwards of 10 inches on average, and this is not a lot by any stretch of the imagination.

Therefore when looking to save money on a landscaping strategy, consider plants that require less water. Think native and natural. Think Pozo Blue or Lemonade Berry. Don’t try and plant a stand of irises, since most varieties require and thrive in very moist places. Trying to remake the Garden of Eden will cost you a pretty penny.

Watch your Wallet

So you decided to do some work in the backyard. The thought of trimming, weeding and general upkeep of the backyard doesn’t scare you. In fact you welcome the challenge. However, you are a little short on cash to buy some of the equipment necessary to make your backyard sparkle. No worries. Consider some of the following money-saving tips:

  • Look for tools in places like yard sales and flea markets. You won’t get the Mercedes of rakes, but really who needs it.
  • Buy in bulk. It’s cheaper to buy mulch by the truckload than by the bag at a big box store.
  • Buy seeds online. The Internet has a larger variety of seeds than you are likely to get at the store. And they are often cheaper. Although, be warned, growing plants from seeds requires more work than plants that have already been partially grown. Taking care of a plant from seed to maturity could add to the expense of your landscape, both in terms of time and the money needed to keep it growing.

Watch your Back

An affordable backyard may be one thing. But an inexpensive landscaping strategy that requires a lot of work can be expensive, or at least be physically taxing. A healthy dose of reality should be a part of the development stage of a great backyard landscape. Do you have the time to spend keeping up with the gardening? Does your back scream for a bottle of Tylenol every time it’s time to weed?

If so, then there are options for developing a no-fuss backyard that could be just an open expanse of pavers and some grass. Landscaping does not mean everything in the backyard needs to be green or coming up roses. The term incorporates a whole range of nature-made and manmade options to make your space a tranquil oasis. We’ve been designing landscapes for nearly 40 years and have the right solution for your needs.

Contact us, A San Diego Backyard specialist, and let us help you create landscaping that you can live with.

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