Planning Your Backyard Landscaping in San Diego

What will your dream backyard look like

You finally got your piece of San Diego. Maybe it’s a modest cape or something a little more palatial. Chances are, no matter the size of your new home, a lot of time was spent designing the interior. All rooms in the house make sense to your lifestyle, whether you are an entertainer or a man cave dweller. Everything has its place.

That same level of detail should be applied to the design to the backyard, too. San Diego and the surrounding areas are some of the most temperate in the United States. There’s a pretty good chance time will be spent outdoors and making sure the backyard is just as functional as the interior is a pretty big deal.

Here are a few ideas to keep in mind when confronted with backyard design. The first thing you want to do is figure out what you want. Take a look at your back yard and see how it can be molded to meet your needs. Ask yourself questions like:


  • Where is the best place to entertain guests?
  • Are there areas I want to block from view? For instance, that awful view of traffic could just disappear with some well-placed landscaping?
  • How about pavers? These stone or concrete blocks create hard and flat surfaces for paths or landscaping structures that can add a new dimension to your backyard.
  • Do bushes or trees need to be removed? Are they blocking the view from inside the home, especially the area where the kids play?
  • Go back inside and go from room to room. Look outside and get a view of the backyard from an interior perspective. Are there any views you particularly like? Is there a chain-link fence that just looks out of place?

Take a notebook and jot down things like where’s the best place to find shade. Get a good understanding of the blank slate that is your backyard and tap into your visionary side. Envision where everything can be located, whether it’s a fountain, an outdoor dinging set or your two-year-old’s sandbox.

And if you’re stuck, there are several books on the market that will give you ideas. Pictures are often the impetus needed to help you cobble together the perfect design. You can see more examples at our home page. There you will find photos of work we’ve done, from patios to intricate paver designs. Other fantastic photos of backyard beautification can be found throughout or web site. Take time to explore and let us take your vision to new heights. Our knowledgeable staff and talented crew will make your backyard dream a reality.

Le Perv Landscaping has been putting together backyards since 1976. Contact us today for a consultation.


Clarke Ramsey
Landscape Artist. I help landscaping dreams come to live. I create raving fans and give my customers the highest quality product available.
Clarke Ramsey
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