3 Interesting Ideas for a Backyard Playground

Backyard PlaygroundYou love to watch your kids play in your backyard. As much fun as they have on the traditional swings and slide playset, you want to create the kind of backyard playground they would never want to leave. The playground should be something special. It should be something your children will remember, cherish, and maybe someday even bring their own children over to play on.

With a bit of imagination, and maybe just a touch of pixie dust, you can create a magical wonderland right in your backyard. Here are a few interesting ideas for a backyard playground you and your children will love.

A Designated Area for Your Backyard Playground

Creating a designated area in your backyard just for a playground is a great way to give the kids their own space to run, jump, and shout without disturbing the adults. You can use rubber borders, curbing, and fencing to section off a part of your yard for your designated play area. This is also a great way to keep your kids in a safe zone while they play.

To make the area something your kids will love, take a cue from what they are interested in. Do they like sports? Add a kids-sized basketball court, a tether ball, or a backyard sized miniature golf course.

For the gymnast in your life, add a ground level balance beam, multi-level pull-up bars, and a trampoline. Make sure there is soft ground to cover so your little gymnast doesn’t get hurt, just in case she falls. For the trampoline add netting to the sides for safety.

To create a great play area for younger kids, paint brightly colored playhouse. Playhouses come in a variety of styles and materials, including wood and plastic. If you are handy, you can build your own unique creation. Add fun accessories to the area like a kid-sized picnic table, and a play grill for cooking plastic hamburgers and hotdogs.

Get Creative with Sandboxes for Backyard Playgrounds

For younger kids the sandbox is a place of creativity and socializing with others. The traditional square sandbox, with regular sand in it, is not the only option. You can build or have built traditional wooden sandboxes in various shapes and sizes. Nowadays there are plastics sandboxes that look like boats, turtles and other unique objects.

One way to add texture and uniqueness to a backyard sandbox is to use different materials to fill the sandbox with. Always make sure any material you use is non-toxic and allergen-free for your child or any child that may play in the sandbox. Some alternatives to sand include uncooked corn, rice, or beans. Or add food coloring to traditional sand for more colorful play.

Instead of an actual box filled with sand, create a designated “sandbox” play area with rubber borders, curbing, old tires, wood beams, or rocks. Fill the area with gravel, sand, or mulch. Don’t forget the “sandbox” toys including shovels, pails, sifters, cars and trucks.

Backyard Playgrounds Need a Safe Ground Cover

You want to make sure the ground underneath the playground equipment is safe. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends any ground cover used under playground equipment should be energy absorbent and maintained to a depth of 9 inches. There are several different materials that can be used for ground cover.

One of the easiest ground covers is natural grass. A lush lawn is soft for falls and on bare feet. Basic lawn care is the only thing needed to upkeep this ground cover. Make sure you keep all lawn chemicals away from children, and that the grass is also chemical free in play areas. For areas with lots of activity, natural grass can be damaged by too much traffic. Artificial turf is another easy option for the backyard playground, and can withstand more traffic than natural grass. A professional landscape company can help you choose which type of lawn would be best for your playground area.

Other options for ground cover in play areas include pea gravel, shredded rubber or rubber mulch, wood chips and wood mulch, bark, and engineered wood fiber. Play sand is another option that works well for ground cover.

Let Your Imagination Free to Create Your Backyard Playground

A backyard playground is only defined by the size of your yard and your imagination. You can create a playground that can accommodate both children and adults. Add items to the playground that the whole family can use such as hammocks, an outdoor movie theater, or yard games like croquet. Your family can help you decide what items should go into your backyard playground. 

A professional landscape company, such as leperv Landscape in San Diego, can offer you advice and information about your backyard playground. They can help you choose which items such as equipment, borders, and ground cover would work best in your yard. They can also help you with your lawn, in and around your play area. The professional staff at Leperv Landscape understand the technical needs of your yard, including a play area. They can help you build a backyard playground that is a safe, and fun area for your whole family.

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