Residential & Commercial Building Services in San Diego, California

Landscaping isn’t just about the yard itself. It also includes improving the yard with structures like gazebos, sheds, playgrounds, etc.

Le Perv Landscape specializes in building these kinds of structures for either your home or business.

Building Structures for Your Home in San Diego

With over three decades of experience, we can build various landscape structures for your home. We can help you with the following:


What’s more romantic than a gazebo? Especially when coupled with a water feature, installing a gazebo can turn your “nice” garden into a truly amazing garden.

Also, beyond the obvious benefits of romance and beauty, a gazebo (as well as any other major landscape improvement) will add value to your home should you decide to resell.


Not every residential landscape building is just for looks (and added resale value) like a gazebo. Having a shed to store equipment in serves a very useful purpose – your back will thank you, now that you don’t have drag supplies back and forth from the garage every time you want to work in your garden. Also, your garage will be less cluttered. It’s a win-win.


Every child loves a playground – one that’s located right in their very own backyard. This would make for an excellent Christmas or birthday present that your kid would never forget.

And much more…

Maybe you have an idea for a landscape building that’s a little more abstract than the structures we’ve listed here. Let us know what you’re thinking – the expert landscapers at Le Perv Landscape have the skill and experience to make your vision a reality.

Building Structures for Your Business in San Diego

You may think that adding an outdoor structure to your establishment is a frivolous expense.

To win over customers in an environment where many competitors are fighting for those same consumer dollars, you really have to stand out.

That is what we do. We help you stand out by adding aesthetically pleasing structures to your commercial enterprise. Standing out leads to more interest in your business, which leads to more sales.

Little touches like a gazebo, lattice walls, water features, etc. can make your business more memorable. Being a memorable business just might be the difference between being a failing business and a thriving one.

We’re Here For Your Landscaping Needs

Our expert landscapers get the job done fast and right the first time. There isn’t a landscaping firm that offers a more attractive blend of affordable prices and high-quality services in San Diego.

If you have any questions about residential and commercial landscape buildings or any of our other services, feel free to contact us.