The Do’s and Don’ts of Maintaining Your Flower Beds

flower bedA flower garden in your backyard sounds like the perfect complement to your landscaping. Flower beds are also among the most used landscaping concepts.

Building a flower bed might be easy. However, maintaining one is a whole different story. There are a lot of factors that come into play when you want to preserve your flower bed and keep it healthy in all seasons.

There are certain steps you need to take to maintain your flower beds in a way that ensures healthy growth of the plants. After all, flowers are living things, and they need your attention to flourish.

Here are a few do’s and don’ts of maintaining your flower beds:

DO Take Care of the Soil

You need to prepare the soil before planting anything if you wish to enhance growth and production of your flower bed. Apply fertilizers, add organic matter, plow the seedbed, and also check and correct the acidity of the soil.

Make sure water penetrates deep down into the soil so that it can remain moist most of the time, too.

Flowers feed on organic matter, so you need to replace the organic matter every year to promote healthy growth of the flowers. You can use manure or compost for all types of soils.

Adding a layer of mulch (about 3 inches deep) will also help you to keep the temperature moderate and also protect the soil from weeds.

DO Practice Ideal Watering

You need to be well aware of the fact that too much water will rot the flowers while too little will make them wither and die.

When you overwater the flower bed, you also invite many diseases that can destroy the flowers. Therefore, you need to water the flower beds in the right way, which is to penetrate the water deep into the soil as this technique helps the flowers develop deep, strong roots – much more than your daily sprinkler system can do.

DO Keep An Eye Out For Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium

These three nutrients hold a lot of importance when it comes to growing healthy flowers in flower beds.

Nitrogen is responsible for foliage growth, phosphorous improves the root system, and potassium helps the flowers to grow correctly. Make sure there is enough of these three nutrients in the soil if you wish to see your flowers grow healthy.

DON’T Overlook Sunlight

Don’t forget the importance of sunlight when you have flowers in your garden.

Make sure your flower bed receives at least 8-6 hours of direct sunlight everyday if your plants require direct sun. In the absence of sunlight, you’ll just be left with leafy plants with no flowers on them, unless you choose shade-loving flowers.

DON’T Walk on the Flower Bed

Avoid walking on your flower bed as it can compress and compact the soil. This can make it difficult for the roots to expand and grow enough to support a healthy plant.

When you need to maintain your flower bed – like pulling weeds – use wooden boards as a means to access every corner of the bed without compacting the soil too much.

When it comes to understanding flower bed maintenance, your best bet is to call professionals and have them build a bed for you with the right materials. We at Le Perv can help you do that within your budget. Get in touch with us today!









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