Six Tips for Creating a Pet-Friendly Backyard

Pet-Friendly BackyardYour pets are not just animals, but part of your family. Just like you, when it’s nice out, your pets long to enjoy the outdoors. Backyards are a perfect place for pets to romp, run, and relax. To keep your pets safe, it’s important to be aware of any possible dangers lurking around your property. Here are six helpful tips for creating a pet-friendly backyard.

#1-Pets and Grill Safety

Warm weather is perfect for cooking food outside on the grill. Whether you use a gas grill or the old-fashioned charcoal grill, these can be hazards to your pets. Pet MD states grills can cause the possibility of your pet experiencing serious injuries. These can include burns, skin irritation, and choking or ingesting harmful foods such as chicken bones or other grilling objects.

According to Pet MD, The National Fire Prevention Association suggests keeping grills at least three feet away from pets and children. Creating a patio area specifically for grilling, and away from your pets, can help minimize the risk of accidents and injury.

#2-Pets and Swimming Pools

Another backyard essential for warmer climate areas like Southern California is the swimming pool. Many breeds of dogs love the water and will jump in any chance they get, but not all dogs are good swimmers.

Just like children, there is always the possibility your dog could fall into a pool and drown. If you have a pool, the American Kennel Club (AKC) suggests that you always supervise your dog around the pool area and be aware they could find their way in undetected. To minimize the risk of drowning, the AKC also suggests training your dog how to swim, and how to get in and out of your pool.

Another safety feature is to have a fence professionally installed around your pool area. In some locations, there are laws requiring that certain pool types and sizes have a specific type of fence enclosure around the pool area.

#3-Pets and Water Features

Water features such as ponds, fountains, and streams can be a beautiful addition to your backyard. They can also be hazardous to your pets.

Outdoor water sources, especially ones that are murky, have muddy water, are slow moving, or stagnant can have harmful organisms, bacteria, and toxic chemicals. Never allow your pet to drink from an outdoor water source.

A water feature can also be a drowning hazard just like a swimming pool. To ensure your pets’ overall safety, make sure they are always supervised around any type of outdoor water features.

#4-Sheds and storage

Having a shed and other types of closed storage available for all your outdoor needs will help in keeping your pets safe in your backyard. Items such as pool chemicals, gardening tools, and even toys can be dangerous.

Pets, especially dogs, tend to chew, drink or play with just about anything. When you’re using outdoor tools and equipment or chemicals, your pets should always be supervised.

In fact, when you’re using lawn and pool chemicals, it’s best that your pets be placed in an enclosed pen away from where you’re working, or left in the house for their safety. When not in use, tools, equipment, and chemicals should be stored and locked in a closed shed or another type of storage unit.

#5-Fencing for Pet Safety

Fencing can be a great way to create a safe backyard environment. Not only will fencing keep your pets confined safely to your property, but it can also keep other animals out of your yard. Perimeter fencing around your property can give your pets plenty of room to run too.

A smaller fenced-in area can give them ample space to play in a “safe zone.” Fences can also be used around pools, gardens, and patio areas to keep pets away from possible situations that could be unsafe for them. A professional landscaper can help you decide the best fencing options for you and your pets.

#6-Pets and Outdoor Plants

A well-groomed lawn is any homeowner’s dream. Flower beds, trees, and shrubs can create a backyard oasis, but may also be toxic to your pets.

Animals could potentially become sick from ingesting or chewing on leaves, stems, or roots of poisonous plants. It’s best to learn what vegetation can be hazardous before planting and to learn about the plants you already have in your yard and in your home.

Organizations such as the Humane Society have lists available about what plant life is toxic to all types of pets, from dogs and cat to horses. Professional landscape companies, such as Le Perv Landscape in San Diego can help you identify any plants in your yard that may be toxic to your animals as well.

Your Pet’s Outdoor Safety

You want your backyard to be a haven for you and your family, including your pets. A beautifully landscaped property with flowers, trees, water features, a pool, and a patio area are all must haves, especially in locations where the temperatures are mild all year long.

A professional residential landscape company such as Le Perv Landscape in San Diego can help you design and build a backyard that is not just beautiful and functional, but also pet-friendly. Contact Le Perv Landscape today for help in creating the pet-friendly backyard of your dreams.

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