3 Creative Ideas for Hiding Unsightly Features in Your Yard

yard-featuresIt’s essential that your home looks as inviting on the outside as it is on the inside. After all, a well-maintained yard adds beauty to your property.

While many people spend thousands on increasing the value of their yard by adding beautiful elements like plants, walkways, and patios, they often neglect to cover up features that look unattractive. It can be anything from an ugly tree to a mark on an exterior wall.

Therefore, necessary steps should be taken to mask all the ugly elements of your yard and make it look attractive and amazing. A soothing environment around the house is never unwanted, and it can also increase the value of your property.

Here are three ways to hide unsightly features in your yard.

Hide Ugly Backyard Fences

Backyard fences are common, and they serve many important functionalities, like keeping pets in the yard, as a safety boundary for the kids when they play outside, keeping unwanted guests out of your yard, keeping your privacy in check, and drawing a line between your house and your neighbor’s. Besides these, they also help to stylize the yard and give it a decent look.

While an attractive fence can enhance the beauty of your garden, an unattractive one can provide opposite results and destroy that beauty.

To cover an ugly fence, you can plant trees in front of the fence and make sure they grow the same height as the fence to hide it completely. You can even paint the fence to make it look better since replacing it completely might require a large investment of time and money.

Hide Water Lines and Utility Boxes in the Garden

It’s normal for water pipes to be installed outside in the garden area. It may be possible that consistent rain has made the water pipes rusty which looks unpleasing to the eye and decreases the beauty of your yard.

You can hide these water pipes in your garden with landscape elements that includes using fake rock domes to make it look like these eyesores were never there.

Another thing that can turn your garden into an eyesore is the presence of utility boxes. The creative approach towards this issue is to plant a row of colorful shrubs to hide them. Shrubs are attractive to the eye and will also hide the ugliness of the utility boxes in your yard.

Hide AC Units in Your Yard

Many homeowners install their AC units outside in the garden area because they need an open air environment to function properly. But these units aren’t very pretty.

The solution to this issue is simple: You can arrange textured plants to screen these ugly but necessary cooling units and allow them to retreat in the backdrop.

However, you need to keep the health of your plants in mind as the heat emitted by air conditioners can destroy them. Hence, it would be a wise choice to put artificial plants instead of real ones, or if you use real plants, to place them far enough away from the air conditioner such that its heat won’t disturb the plants.

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