The Do’s and Don’ts of Having a Pool

add a pool to your backyardSparkling clear waters to cool off, a deck to lounge on in the sun, and the perfect centerpiece for parties are all reasons to add a pool to your backyard oasis. Not only is a pool fun for your friends and family, but it’s also a great investment decision.

According to Homeguides SFgate, a pool can add value to an already attractive home. To ensure your pool will entertain your friends and family for their long-term enjoyment, and to protect your investment value, there are several do’s and don’ts of having a pool.

Do Hire Professionals

When considering a pool, consult with a professional to help you determine the size and type that would work best for your family and your property.

Professional installation is the best way to guarantee the work is done correctly. This will ensure the pool’s construction is safe and will last for the long term.

Professional installers can also instruct you on the proper way to maintain your pool, and the correct chemicals and equipment to use. You will also have someone to call in case there is a problem.

Don’t Neglect Problems

If there’s a problem, don’t put off taking care of it or getting it taken care of by a trained professional. Letting a problem such as a small crack in the concrete wait for another day can create bigger issues, both physically and financially.

Concrete in pools can shift, expand, and contract with the terrain. Small hairline cracks can be easily repaired with epoxy, but larger cracks could compromise the structure of the pool.

Don’t try to take care of cracks that are larger than approximately an inch or so by yourself. Always have a professional inspect and repair larger issues to ensure the pool’s safety and structural integrity.

Do Keep Safety in Mind

Keeping safety in the forefront of your mind is a must when you have a pool.

To maintain a safe environment, repair any cracks to ensure the pool is structurally sound, inspect handrails and ladders to make sure they are adequately strong and in place, and keep the chemicals balanced in the water for the proper PH levels.

Always supervise children and pets in and around the pool’s areas. The American Kennel Club (AKC) states there is the potential hazard of dogs falling in and drowning. The AKC suggests for your pet’s safety to always supervise your animals around pool areas, and be aware they could get in undetected. Training your dog to swim, and how to get in and out of your pool is another safety essential, according to the AKC.

In some locations, fences are required around certain types of pools. Check with your zoning or planning boards, your local law enforcement agencies, or a local professional landscape company for more information on whether your community has laws regarding fencing around pools.

Don’t Neglect Decks and Patios Around Pools

Having a patio or a deck not only adds beauty to your backyard but a nice complimentary element to your pool.

Neglecting this area can detract from the overall look of your landscaping and be a safety issue. A concrete walk or patio around your pool that has cracks, chips, and holes is unsightly, too. It can also cause tripping, falls, and subsequent injuries.

Letting weeds grow between patio blocks or in cracks in the concrete can cause breaks in the walkway and uneven areas. Wood decking that is worn can cause the wood to rot and warp. This can cause weak spots that could break when walked on or nasty splinters to bare feet.

Don’t neglect to maintain concrete walks, patios, and decking around pools. Keeping decking free of weeds, fixing cracks and chips, and making sure wood is properly stained will help to not only maintain their beauty, but also keep them from being a safety hazard.

Do Enjoy

Whether you’re making the decision to have a pool installed or already have one in, a pool is a big investment. Adding one can bring years of enjoyment to you, your family, and your friends. It’s also an investment that can add value to your home.

There are many things to consider when having a pool. Safety is a huge concern. The amount of work to maintain a pool is another. Professional pool installers and landscapers, such as Le Perv Landscape in San Diego, can help with the decisions you need to make. They have extensive knowledge and experience in pool installation, and surrounding decks and patios. They can also assist with repairs and maintenance.

Contact Le Perv Landscape today to talk with their trained staff about what type of pool would work best for you and your family and the many do’s and don’ts of having a pool.

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