How to Extend the Life of Your Deck and Patio Furniture

Candid Patio Furniture with Wooden Deck and GreeneryAn outdoor deck with patio furniture is the perfect add-on that not only beautifies your yard but also allows you to enjoy the fresh aroma of your garden. But with great furniture and a deck comes the responsibility of maintenance. After all, you don’t want your outdoor space to succumb to the elements, do you?

In this article, we share some tips on extending the life of your deck and patio furniture, making them last significantly longer. Let’s get started:

Keep it Clean

You might not have given this much consideration, but keeping your furniture and deck clean prevents it from getting stains and marks which can become permanent over time. Regular cleaning would also allow you to inspect your furniture and deck for any signs of damage or wear and tear. Follow tips from experts to keep them nice and clean, and your patio furniture and deck will remain like new!

Make Your Furniture and Deck Water Resistant

Water is among the chief reasons so as to why furniture gets destroyed outdoors, especially in cold and rainy weather. To avoid that, we recommend covering up your furniture and deck whenever possible. Use fabric protectant spray on furniture fabric and epoxy resin on the furniture. Use water seal on a wooden deck to protect it from water and other substances that might damage it.

Paint Your Deck and Furniture Twice a Decade

Over time, paint and sealants fade away from furniture and decking, leaving them prone to damage. To ensure that they last longer, you need to paint and apply sealant to your furniture and deck every five years. Painting also keeps carpenter ants at bay, which can eat your wooden furniture and deck, utterly destroying it. We recommend power washing before applying paint and sealant.

Apply Lubricant on Metal

If your furniture is made of metal or is mobile, for example, it has wheels or hinges installed, we recommend applying a silicone lubricant which prevents rust from latching on and also makes those annoying squeaks go away.  Do this at least twice a month. You can also use primax or wax to refinish your metal furniture to prevent it from rusting.

Cover Your Deck and Furniture During the Winter

If you don’t like to spend your time outdoors in the winter, then it’s highly recommended that you cover your furniture and deck with good quality patio furniture and deck covers. You can also store away your furniture until summer. However, always use a dust cover when you want to store your items for an added layer of protection.


Your outdoor space deserves the best care because it is one of the most beautiful areas that enhances the look and feel your house. Following these tips will certainly make your patio furniture and deck last longer.

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