The Right Materials for Your San Diego Deck

Ipe from South America is some of the hardest wood you can buyWhen thinking about adding a deck for your San Diego palace, there are things you want to keep in mind.

True, the first consideration is likely price but that shouldn’t be the only consideration.

Letting price be the only factor will land you with a deck that stands out like a sore thumb on a foot.

Just as important is the type of material to use.

Also important is a proper design that will work well with your property.

The Best Wood for Your San Diego Deck

When selecting the type of wood for your deck, an important consideration is style. Which type of wood is going to work best with the style of your home?

For instance, a standard cedar will offer a nice reddish tinge that brings out natural beauty of your home. It ages to a nice silver gray, which looks especially pleasant near home on the shore. Redwood also takes on a gray over time.

Some of the best wood available comes from South America. Called Ipe, it comes from the Amazon and is one of the hardest woods on the market. It’s so hard that it can be used comfortably in combination with concrete structures. It is also one of the best rot-resistant products on the market according to the USDA’s Forest Service Products Laboratory.

It is, however, important to make sure is cultivated the correct way. There has been unsustainable harvesting of the wood so it important to make sure the wood you might use is certified.

The down side with woods in general is that they need to be maintained. Woods are susceptible to nasty things like rot and the effects of too much sun. This means sanding and re-finishing the deck as much as once a year.

Composite Material for Your San Diego Deck

One of the most versatile decks are made with composite materials. Plastics make up the material and is often made to mimic the natural grains and colors of natural wood. Because of this versatility, a deck with this material can work in just about any type of home.

The cool part about these items is the fact that they require little to no maintenance to remain “new.”

Your San Diego Deck’s Style

Just as important as selecting the right material for your San Diego deck is considering things like its proper size, Should it be big enough to include items like a table that holds six people or just four. Should it be big enough to include a barbecue or will such amenities kill the open-air aspect of your air potential deck.

Another consideration is the shape of the deck. Can you property handle a circular design? Or, is the square design of your call for a matching deck with strong corners?

Feel free to ask a qualified landscape designer to help visualize the best decking design for your home.

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