To Buy or Not to Buy a Swing Set

Swing sets provide years of entertainment, but eventually they don't get much use, says Le Perv Landscape.Many families go back and forth on the idea of getting a swing set.

Consider the arguments.

The kids won’t use it forever, so spending more than a $1,000 on a decent swing set just doesn’t seem like a great investment.

A cheap swing set may lead to some happy memories over the years, but it just wouldn’t mesh with the rest of the backyard. The idea is to make the things look nice, not messy with metal poles that will eventually rust.

The Advantages of a Swing Set

How it looks in your yard is, of course, not the only consideration for owning a swing set.
Children can while away the day immersed in friendly, safe play. And, a swing set also provides a decent amount of physical activity, which according to a Livestrong article can burn up to 200 calories per hour.

The benefits of such play include improved balance, coordination, Vitamin D intake, and the benefit of being out in the fresh southern California air.

The benefits are pretty obvious, but there are other things to keep in the back of your mind.

Selling your home

Let’s just imagine that swing set has been in your family for years. Each of your kids has broken a limb or digit on the monkey bars pretending to be Superman or whatever hero was in at the time.
But, the kids are off to college and you want to sell your home.

Although that $2,300 custom swing set purchased in the 2000s seems like it should be worth something, it may not be. There many ither factors that go into the value of a home, such as the amount money someone down the street for the neighbor’s raised ranch.

But the value of that swing set? It’s not a factor.

The bottom line is a swing set will likely not have an impact on the sticker price of house.

If the home for sale is in a family oriented community and the swing set looks nice, than it will add value of another sort – curb appeal. So a better-than-average swing set in the right location may be seen as a benefit to potential buyers.

And this is when you may want the opinion of a well-respected San Diego landscaper, such as Le Perv Landscape Inc. An expert backyard design can make all the difference in making sure the right swing set adorns your yard.

The right layout means making the most beneficial use of your land. It means making sure everything in your yard – from swing sets to flower beds to a cobblestone walkway – fits the way it should.

Not planning could result in a mess, such as a behemoth swing set in a tiny yard. Sure, the set may have cost a lot of money but it really doesn’t add value in the long run.

Have questions about adding a swing set or other feature to your yard? Contact Le Perv Landscape Inc. and get the answers you need to make the right decisions for your yard.

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